A birthday gift for Snowflakedrose (on deviantart and tumblr )

Some clothes of Gin yeeeh!

All hail the goddamn Survivor!!!! 
Fucking love Wondertrade for that!

I drew this in april after Fafatacle was visiting me and got this cutie called “SURVIVOR!!!!” by wondertrade

WIP of my next picture!

Yay more of my OC Seth *^* 

My Part of the Art Trade with Ladywitchgrave (on deviantart and Tumblr)

Quick Sketch of my OC Katrin :3
I’m working on a traditional Fullbody of her!

He came back from death *shot* 
No honestly I haven’t drawn this guy in forever!
I still love u Renée

My Part of the Art Trade with Kyasarin-Uchiha on deviantart